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Thought's|Download Page


Junior Member
Hey guy's doing random pieces of work as I have no project's on the go,Firstly I would like to state that I am looking for projects to join/help with I am FREE of charge as I am only fourteen.Here is the picture/design...

If I could have your HONEST opinion that would be great.My Personal LOGO is in the background.
- Cheers CaiMorgg


Well-Known Member
I like it, but I wouldn't have the logo showing through buttons the user needs to be able to see clearly, like the back button and the progress indicator. Let the background be the background and keep the important elements nice and visible. Also, it might be worth lining your vertical line up with the left edge of your search box, and the bottom of your Download boxes with the bottom of your logo etc, just to tidy things up.

Grammatically, you need a space after the comma and a small "i" on the word "Item".
I really like it!
However, if I had to make suggestions, I'd say bring the title down so its inline with the download buttons. To me the logo is fine where it is, but don't let it override the elements, take the opacity off and bring them to the front.
Apart from that, it's looking good.