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Thought I'd introduce myself

Hi guys

Have been reading these forums for a while, so thought I'd register and join in the discussion :)

In January after 3 years at a Bristol agency, I decided to go freelance which was scary but the right choice I think! Now sharing office space with a couple of mates and having a great time so far :icon_biggrin:

My website can be found here Studio Chirpy


Round of applause. Bristol!!!

St Thomas Street - you're not in a converted church by chance?

Extra special biased welcome.

Yay Bristolians :icon_cheers:

Just above The Fleece actually, close though to the building you're thinking of...

I live in Bedminster, I'm pretty certain I walk past your place daily - are based just off Coronation Road?
Many a drunken night spent in there :icon_cheers:
Yeah it's not bad for gigs, prefer going across the bridge to King Street for drinks in the main though. My desk starts to vibrate when they warm up downstairs (from 5.30 onwards). Apart from that it's a pretty cool office, if a lil empty at the moment.