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This weeks random nonsense thought....


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Are we ready for this? Strap yourself in gents....

This week I have been thinking about actors/actresses who you think of in a less than famous role despite their success in others.

My first thought was Rob Lowe. Most people think of him either in his younger years in the Brat Pack, in St. Elmo's Fire or his more recent high points in the West Wing or Brothers and sisters. Yet if someone asked me who Rob Lowe was I would say, "You seen Wayne's World?" I wonder how he would feel about that?

Another one be Michael Richards.

most famously known for playing Cosmo Kraymer. Yet I always think of him as

Stanley Spadowski in Weird Al's "UHF".

There is no surprise that I think of Rick Moranis as...

Dark Helmet more than some of his other perhaps more famous roles in say Ghostbusters, Little Shop of Horrors or Honey, I Shrunk The Kids.

There are loads more, but this is a little easier than my last ridiculous thought for everyone to get involved in. Still not a googleable thing.


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Actually wait, here's my best one.

Nevermind being a pseudo super jesus in a matrix thingy, never mind stopping a bus with a bomb on it, and never mind being an exorcist who nips into Hell occasionally to say hello. Keanu Reeves will always remind me of Ted Theodore Logan.

Never mind this: :up:

What about this!? :lol:


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The whole cast of Star Wars (except for Harrison Ford) they all went on to other major successes, but I only remember them for Star Wars....

... Ooops! :D Maybe not!

More seriously....

Matthew Broderick... In my mind he's only ever been Feris Bueller. No matter what else he does that won't shift.