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This Recession business


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You know what, I have barely noticed this apparent recession that has been going on, I have a job (not a great job, but still a job), none of my friends have been made redundant because of budgetary re-shuffling (or some other wanky term like that), I don't think my bills have been a great deal more or less expensive, until about half an hour ago.

I randomly phoned my mum, yes she is a night owl too, to talk about something and she told me that my Dad has lost his job. The company he works/ed for for nearly 30 years has gone bust! As a company, they were a wonderful example of a small start up business, that grew, hired more people, moved into bigger premises, hired more people, moved again, moved again....and now they have gone bust.

Mum is 61 and is (was?) looking forward to retirement, my Dad is 60 and I don't know whether he is ready for retirement, he is definitely a skilled worker, classically trained carpenter, but what the hell does a 60 year old do about looking for a job? I can't see him in the job centre!

I am kinda ranting, I am kinda hoping there is some advice out there that you guys can point me towards.



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Could he not setup to do some work on his own? Or does he not have the workshop/equipment to do that? I'm not suggesting like a full scale business setup, but maybe crafting things to sell online? Surely there would be a market for a classically trained carpenter and his skills?

Just a thought :)

Tom Sound

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I agree with Greg, my neighbour has done the same. With the help of a couple of local paper Ads and some beautifully designed flyers (don't know who did them?:D) he's now got more work than ever before. I think it helps that he's an oldie too and people would rather have him work for them in their homes than some young oik fresh out of college. Best of luck to him, and the best thing is he's lucky enough to have you to help with his new logo, and publicity!



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i havent felt anything from the recession, mainly because i have a job in a company who are pretty well off.

but then on wednesday i got a phone call from my dad's secretary asking what would be an ideal present for him.

and i was like "waait it's not his birthday, it's not mothers day, what's the occasion"

then i found out his role and one of the other senior managers' roles were merging, and as he was last in, he was first out.

so now, a dad who's been 32yrs in transport as an engineer, a manager, a director, and all this other terminology, has no job.

didnt scare me tbh- we can sell the house and we can move to a smaller place.

but then he was like "people at my level who have a lot of experience have big opportunities to get a job really easily"


then "i've been offered a job in manchester, vancouver, LA and sydney"

It is being proven that the recession is still a little way from the finish line.

Perhaps your dad could strike up on his own and employ some young blood or apprentice to train up. Still not ideal at that age.

All the best


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you always have to deal with after effects

there's no 7.2 earthquake without eventual homelessness


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I'm with Greg / Geoff / Peter, your Dad should set up on his own if he can and try and enjoy the last few years of work.

Certain aspects of carpentry wouldn't involve a workshop - things as simple as cutting the joins for someone's kitchen worktops - not glamorous but good money and a doddle for an experienced carpenter I'd imagine.

Making furniture from home if that's his thing?


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Thanks guys, I've spoken to the welsh asembly as well and they have a few schemes that have been set up for people in his position, both recently unemployed and older, so I think he will be fine. Just a bit of a suprise is all.

I'm doing what I do best and going round theirs tonight to cook them dinner!


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Well he liked his dinner, meatballs a la Mike.

I spoke to a friend of mine who works for the Welsh Assembly as well, he sent me a frightening email full of info and a contact for someone at Cadw who might want to hire him. So bonus.

He has decided that he is going to have a few weeks off (redundancy that should cover him for 6 months), then start looking for a job, if nothing major happens he said he will start working for himself. In his own words, "I'm 61, and I can't be arsed painting peoples houses, so we shall see what happens."
The 'recession' is a royal pain in the ass. My boyfriend and I were looking at buying a flat (and a new car for me) ... in January he got given the choice of being made redundant or going to a 3-day week. I've also taken a a bit of a pay cut (not that I'm in an ideal job, but that's another story).

I think we're just unlucky, none of my friends or family to have really suffered, we were in the position to do things, now it's just a bit of a mess. It's not major, as we'll definitely survive another year without buying, and it'll give the other half time to find a new job... but it's not fun, as we were hoping to buy while house prices had dipped slightly, albeit not a lot. Oh well... can only get better :)

Crap, now I've ranted! Sorry :p
Oh my new favourite subject... the recession is still here, I too have been hit by it, 21 years in the same job only for the company to go into liquidation... Job Centres are a waste of time for anything design related, didn't even have a job description in their system for me (artworker), i've thought of setting up freelance but with 4 kids to feed I feel I need a steady income... or maybe i've bottled it!!!
how many freelance artworkers are there out there????