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This is why you're fat


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I'm a massive Oreo lover, that was the thing that gave me mad cravings on that site, the rest did look disgusting
"Loosiana Gator Dog
A butterflied Wagyu beef frank stuffed with a melted 3-cheese blend, topped with a tequila-spiked three-bean alligator chili and finished off with sour cream, freshly chopped chives, and crushed Fritos."

Beef frank?

Alligator chilli?

Is any of this actual food?


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Hay slightly off topic but for those of you who haven't heard, fatness can be not because you overeat but because of a virus, like a cold ~
Fat virus | Latest Oddly Enough News | stv.tv

It can be cought like a normal cold and just makes your body produce twice as much fat cells with out any extra food intake.

You can then pass the virus on to other people by touch for up to 3 months, and after it has gone your body will still produce fat cells at twice the rate they did before.

Mad or what? :)