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This is why I want to work for GOOGLE


Senior Member
Do you think anyone actually does any work? If I had a slide and fireman's pole I know I'd get less done!
(No pole dancing jokes please!) :)


Staff member
I'd actually say more works gets done, its encouraging creativity by allowing people to work in a place that invigorates the mind, Just think how bored you get when you're just stuck in one place, with the same scenery etc.

I kind of follow a similar kind of approach with my work, I don't 'work' on projects on a fixed '9-5', I work when I'm in the 'mood'. (I am available for phone calls though and work is always completed for deadlines!!)

I get twice as much work done if I actually am in that 'groove' rather than if I'm trying to force the work to get done within a set period of the day.


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I would love to work in that sort of environment, but I'll never be in a position to see if it would improve my creativity! I can't afford the flashy furniture, and I'm not sure if the flat upstairs would be too pleased if I put in a connecting slide! :)

I'm more of a grinder with my work. Sometimes it comes easily sometimes it doesn't. But it always gets done.


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I posted a video somewhere about working for Google a couple weeks ago...
I would LOVE to work there, it looks so cool! A more practical idea than my current desire to ride a giant waterslide home from the office as shown in the Barclay Card ads!


I know a few people who work for both apple (in the head office over in the states and google too over in Silicon Valley).. very cool places to work :D