Things You Want To Buy!


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Everyone has things they either want to buy or save up for. Especially with some people getting money for Christmas, but I mean generally through the year as well. What things do you currently want to buy?

I'm out of work at the moment, so my list is growing with no means of reducing it! I'd like a few games (Assassin's Creed II, Uncharted 2) but what I really need is some RAM for my Mac, a large (1TB?) Portable Hard Drive, and ideally a new Graphics Tablet too, I'm tempted by the Bamboo Pen and Touch though given the cash I'd prefer an Intuos.

Seems everything on my list is really expensive... so I'll be buying NOTHING til I get a job!


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ready for it?

A monitor,
about 50 books (I have a list of 11, but know that if I started to buy I wouldnt finish for a while),
External Laptop Battery,
External Harddrive,
Graphics Tablet (intuous3/pen&touch),
Laptop Backpack,
Wireless (or Wifi) dongle,
Keyboard & mouse,
KVM switch,
Bass guitar (epiphone les paul) & Kit to go with,
Xbox 360 with games/controllers/dongle etc.,
Apple mac (vague I know),
I pod touch,
Two poker programs,
about 5 poker site subscriptions,
A "spring" coat,
Some tshirts,
a casual smart 'suit',
more expensive whisky,
5 or 6 normal alcoholic drinks (jim bean white & black, JD, jagermeister...)


Too much to really list (I could post my excel file with all the stuff my boyfriend and I need for the new flat lol).

But of course I have a lot of wish list things. I'd love a new desk, something more comfortable, preferably a curved corner desk. An Aeron or something of the ilk chair. A Samsung Series 7 LED TV (Saw one in Comet it's stunning).,,

Realistically, I have a wishlist of books I'd like off Amazon, which I'll start purchasing in a couple of months (through DF of course!),

The Book, in Print! | Digging into WordPress which is a bit pricey, might see if I can squeeze that out as a birthday present :D

A new camera bag (got my eye on one!)

A small softbox 'studio' for some product photography (I've seen one I like, but it's a 5-week month, so that'll be next month's spending sorted).

Some form of nice portfolio book or folder (any suggestions other than the Pina Zangaro?) so I can keep a nice printed set of my work should I ever need it.

Oh and a new pair of Vans, when I find a style I like that's in stock in my size :)

A new suit

an iPhone (when my upgrade is available in August(!)

Nothing I really *need* though, except maybe the softbox, but I have my eye on one :)

Alex L

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Well, at the top of my list is definitely a new keyboard and mouse.

Ordered one from Overclockers... over two months ago. It was broken so I had to send it back. Then they were out of stock. Then, I noticed they were in stock, emailed them and offered to pick it up and they told me it was out of stock and refunded me in January!

Then I ordered the same one from eBuyer. 7 days later I've still not received it :O

So ideally, I'll go to a retailer and get ripped off.

The only things I really need are:

External hard drive and a decent graphics tablet (wacom). A couple of books'd be nice though.


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Lets see:
- A laptop - 12-15" size, waiting to see who releases what with the new i5/i7 cpu's being released
- New PC's based on atleast quad cores - waiting on the i7 6 core to come out as theres supposedly new quads (hopefully cooler running), although AMD hexacore might be worth considering too if considerably cheaper.
- Server changed to atom cpu etc to reduce power usage.
- 3d Connexion SpacePilot Pro to upgrade form my Space Navigator
- Wouldn't mind 2 of the new dell 27" displays but I'm holding out until theres a decent LED screen with atleast 24" screens.
- 4 way dual screen kvm
- A web tablet like the joojoo (crunchpad) but theres no way I'm paying over £250 for one unless its a full blown pressure sensitive pc. Even though I have no idea why or how I would use it - it's new and it's shiny tech usually works with me :(.
- New mobile - google nexus one is looking likely depending on price when released in UK officially (vodafone supposedly but I want unlocked). If not I'll hold off for a bit.
- iPod touch when the 8GB gets upgraded to the same internal specs as the 32/64GB.
- 2 office chairs, want the building work finished first though.
- Loads of books on design etc
- Loads of DVD's - mainly anime
- Some nendoroids and various other anime models
- Should really get a suit I suppose along with some new shirts which actually fit round my neck with the button done up and a tie (gone up half an inch :()
- Sonos sound system

Blimey most of those are work related :eek:


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I'm saving for a wedding! So everything else is, sort of, queuing up behind that.

Apart from a massive list of small things (including a long amazon wishlist), I could do with a new sofa, fridge/freezer and a bloody good holiday. I haven't been abroad for about 7 years!

As for work stuff, I'd like to upgrade my Adobe software and a new mac laptop.

I have quite a heavy definition between want and NEED. I don't usually buy anything until I NEED it.


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Krey20 said:
I have quite a heavy definition between want and NEED. I don't usually buy anything until I NEED it.
Most of the time I'm the same, unless I get a surpluss of money I can justify "wasting"

I forgot to add, funds for an OU course, and a HiFi system though I can't find something I want (CD player / Radio / amp / Hard-drive / mp3 & ipod Dock / Record player / multiroom / Though I imagine a PC with very good speakers is the better way to go, I want it to be a HiFi)


I actually can't think of anything at the moment.. I am getting stuff ready to adopt a dog in February / March time.. but there's nothing I really want to buy at the moment :)


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Nice Chris! Are you adopting from the SPCA? Always good to hear that a animal is going to get a nice home. My cat was an ASPCA rescue.:)

My wants for this year are simple really. These things are what I want most of all right now, and they all have value of one kind or other. All else can wait I feel. But what kind of price can you put on making your life better, or the satisfaction if you are successful?

1.Funds for a BA course in an England University, though for that I can always just get financial aid, and scholarships. I'll Just need to pay them back someday.

2.Funds to be able to get over to England when needed. I feel your pain Jimlad, Im currently out of work too, so I'll need to get something soon and I'm sure FAFSA doesn't cover travel expenses.

3. To see someone living in England, who's come to be very special to me over the last several months. (I know this is pretty vague but I should not say a name here)

4. A nice laptop PC for all the things they are good for.

I am quickly learning that relocating to England is not going to be a simple process, even if only for a few years while I study. Since making this decision, I'm always wondering if I can really appreciate just what I'm getting into.


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tim said:
lol shh yourself, have some fun!
fun, what is this thing you speak of?

Just bought a book (that jaza suggested in another thread) off of amazon (through DF of course)


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haha, 3963 now though ;)

I also want to buy quite a few (couple of hundred) films, as I realistically own none :)


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I would like a few things

- High zoom digital camera
- Massive memory card for it
- Nice computer chair
- Some books (design and photography ones)
- CD player for the car

I think thats it for now