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These aren't the trainers you're looking for...


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I saw these while out and about today and knew certain members of the forum would be very interested.

They can go about their business... Move along.


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A kind of Imperial propaganda? ;)

Just kidding, nice find! I am not even sure we have those in the States. Or if you did find them here, they would probably only be in children's sizes.


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Hah, my shoes are size 9 too. Well in womens shoes. In the States thats like 7 and half if I wanted to buy something in men's shoes.:D and yep, I agree the shoes have got to be comfy!


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Typo said:
That'll be your money feet problem...I know you don't like to talk about it.
Please say you meant monkey or something. Money feet? Mental. ... *picks a banana with his foot* Yum. Oook!


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Rhonda said:
The question is, did Jimlad buy a pair? ;)

And Mrp, that cap is pretty cool. Hope you get that soon.
Thanks rhonda.

Right the lowdown on buying them is...

Jd sports have exclusivity on the hgigh street (not sure about online), as you may or may not know size? Is part of the jd company and they have exclusivity on some of the clothes and trainers!

Rob, they haven't had the atats in cardiff yet, but they have the stormtrooper high tops.

Charles, I haven't been to brighton in ages, but I'm guessing you have a size?

Watch my twitter on monday...