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there's no place like an introduction thread


Junior Member
Hi all, I came accross this forum in my searches and loved the tag line "it's subjective" so thought I would join. :up:

Normally I go by the name Dizi in forums but you seem to already have a dizi so I will do a little wave towards them. So I will just go by Diz...I hope that is ok :)

Design related things is why I am here so I will let my other posts state those opinions, otherwise I will be typing for ages. As for non design related things, I have a tendancy to type too much, I love point and click adventure games (monkey island, sam and max...ect). I also have an over the top smilie usage which some find annoying but its just a bad habit where I have to use atleast one smiliey in a paragraph, normally it is this one :p although I do like the look of this one...:angel:

Anyway enough is enough, Hi everyone.


Active Member
Welcome to DF Diz!

Good to see you liked the DF tag line, it took me a while to think of it but it's simplicity kind of stuck! What's your background? Do you work in a design related position currently? Always good to see new DF member work if you have a portfolio link?


PS- Tim is right, Chris is the smiley man!! :D


Junior Member
Thanks for the warm welcome :love:

I work for a small design studio as a web designer and do the occasional bit of graphic design work as well. My personal portfolio is here dizidesigns.co.uk for anyone who is interested in seeing some of the work I have done in the past :)