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There is some problem with my camera!!!


Junior Member
I dont know whats the problem with my memory card of nikon camera. Till yesterday everything was alright with my camera. I took many snaps from my camera and when i removed memory card to transfer those photos to my computer but it gives a message stating i need to format the card before using it? then i inserted the memory card to my nikon camera was :mad: to see camera saying no memory card? My brother says i need to format the card to use it again. He also said if i format i will lose all the pictures from memory card. Is there any solution to get my photos without formatting it?
Chances are there is a technical problem with it and you will need to format it. Maybe if you can transfer data from a USB cable onto your PC you might be able to save them, if not then plan A will be your forced choice.


Staff member
It's most likely a dead memory card in which case it will die again, they do die and it's a lot more common than you might think, it's not just a nikon issue either.

You could try installing a linux distro as it may be in a format the pc can't read in windows (or os-x - you don't say) but it's unlikely as I have no issue with my nikon digi cam.