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The Ultimate Film Thread

Hello guys,

I know it's kinda cliché, but couldn't find anything like this yet.

So, what was the last film you saw, and what was your opinion about it?


You can now add Puss in Boots to the list. Well worth a watch, even if you don't have kids.

The animation is pretty amazing when you look how far its come since Toy Story.


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Pretty sure the last film I saw was Supēsu Batorushippu Yamato, wanted to see how it compared to the anime/manga.. not well, it was well cheesy lol

Been watching tv series more than anything at the mo...galactica (new series and 1980's cheese fest :), got to get the original one still), stargate atlantis and the classic that is babylon 5

Did rewatch, appleseed (and sequal ex machina), final fantasy advent children and vexille a while back though, they're all pretty good cgi movies :)
Game of Thrones has finished so now I'm pretty ambivalent about watching anything else. But went to see A Dangerous Method, thought it was hilarious.

If you liked Dead Mans Shoes, watch Kill List. AMAZING.

I'm pretty desperate to see Shame and Another Earth.
captainrage said:
If you liked Dead Mans Shoes, watch Kill List. AMAZING.
I couldn't get into it. It left me feeling a bit funny with an odd taste in my mouth. It did get some amazing reviews so maybe I should give it another go.