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The time of the year to track santa, got kids check this out.


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Official NORAD Santa Tracker
On xmas eve you can track Santa as he goes round the world delivering prezi's using Google earth. You can zoom in and see him in 3d as well.

On xmas eve this has been the only website that is allowed to be on, the kids absolutely go nuts over it.

The first time I saw this been advertised was a few years back with a US airmen in this all in-one flight suit in a command base in the states being interviewed at like 6pm on UK TV.

He took it dead seriously, as kids were watching and he was asked something like will the US airforce stand in Santa's way?
And he came out with something like ~ O no, we track Santa on radar and when he comes down from Canada, the Canadian Airforce who are escorting him through Canadian airspace, will pass escort duty to us and a couple of F16's will escort Santa around the US, Santa has to slow down a bit for the jets to keep up, until he gets to Mexico. It was brilliant.

Everyone I showed it to last year with kids said their kids loved it.

If you have kids, or no someone who does, check it out really adds to the spirit of xmas.
My little one had to check it out before bed just to see how close he was.