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The #ThinkingGirls' School

Hi all,

Long time since I posted in here! Lot's been going on at my end. Most interestingly my involvement with a Haitian school reconstruction project, hence this shameless plug!

4,000 schools were destroyed or damaged in the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Already 30% of Haitian children never went to school.

More than anything, Haiti needs hundreds of safe schools for the thousands of young minds currently excluded from basic education.

So, what do you get when nuns, school children, students, professional architects & development planners design a school together?

A masterplan for an inspiring, sustainable, safe, child-friendly, eco-friendly schools complex for over 1,280 Haitian girls. We've got the land, we've got the plan. We need the funds to build it.

How you can help: http://bit.ly/TDGirls.

Click, support, donate and please share to help spread the word. We have 27 of the 40 days left to raise £40,000.