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The process of getting work


I was wondering if anyone could share their process of getting clients. For example;

1. How you find potential clients (assuming you don't work purely from referrals!)

2. How you approach potential clients.

3. The next steps you take with interested prospects.

4. Quoting them etc.

So basically, everything up until doing the work for them! If anybody could share their process, it would be greatly appreciated.




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Hey there, when i started, i simply worked my way through every business in within the town i lived in, via local business listings, magazine yellow pages etc, took a look at any online presence and then selected 50 of the worst offenders or 50 or so where I thought I could do a better job.

Then armed with a good portfolio of work, set of business cards and a suit! went to each and every business on my list and spoke to someone face to face about who i was, what i do, and how I can help them, and how I was local to them.

Worked a charm, just takes guts the first couple of times.

From their point of view, your taking the initiative, your local, your trying to better yourself as well as them, your offering a service which they may have considered, your offering a solution to an identified problem, but more importantly you get your name and face and work recognised which should help you secure more clients via the word of mouth.



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This famous ad from the 50's emhasises the problems facing business to business communication, It's one of my favourite ever. It demonstrates that if people don't you or your product then you had better have something BIG up your sleeve.