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The new .UK domain name, coming June 2014

Hi all,

I thought you may be interested to know about the new .uk domain name being launched in June so I created this blog post;

The new .uk domain name - Ronnoco Design

Basically, instead of being limited to things like .co.uk, .ac.uk or .gov.uk you will soon be able to register a website with just .uk (e.g. www.graphicdesignforums.uk). It's of potential interest to both existing website owners as well as those thinking of registering a website in the near future.


Staff member
It certainly makes sense to go to a cleaner and easier to follow system.

It's a bit annoying trying to remember is it ".gov.uk" or ".co.uk"
It is Hank, but I think it's more about giving extra choice to websites which aren't a company (.co.uk), university (.ac.uk) or branch of the MoD (.mod.uk)

I think it's also a good move on Nominet's behalf to reserve domains for existing .co.uk owners to stop them all getting bought up too quickly. The launch hasn't been widely publicised but I am sure we'll hear more about it as we get closer to 10th June.


Well-Known Member
Thing is, these days you have register your website pretty much as .(dot)WhatEverYouWant

How much extra choice do we need.

I quite like .co.uk its got a ring to it.
I think they sound good. Many companies used to use .com as it referenced commercial. The .uk would be great for a short domain.