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The Mastercard rebrand

Paul Murray

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Thoughts? Seems to be a mixed bag of reactions from what I've been reading in comments. Personally I like the branding as a whole, though the logo I'm not really a fan of. The overlapping translucent circles feels a little bit trendy, but if you look at the logo from 1968 it's the same visual device so at least there's some justification for it.

One thing I did notice is how well the Visa logo stands out in this image. It's the first thing I noticed.

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Yeh they went from a 3 colour to 4 colour variant. It's 2 circles overlapping. If I showed a client that I'd be laughed out of the room.

However, I'd say it cost a fortune.

Paul Murray

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From what I can gather, this is how they've tackled a "black and white" version… gradients and drop shadows. Mastercard haven't updated their brand centre site yet with the latest branding guidelines etc, so perhaps an actual monotone version will surface in time.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 14.44.48.png


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sometimes branding is changed for no good reason....
Just look at the visa logo, it's so recognisable you can't miss it (every time I see a NISA food shop I think of visa...)


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How is that going to work in black and white???

I prefer their previous mark, I don't like that overlapping, semi transparency they've got going on.

The font will probably grow on me.
Hadn't really noticed the colours had changed (says so in article, but not coming across on my phone?).

Personally I prefer the interlocking lines - might have been down to one of their add campaigns but looked more like it was 'going somewhere' I thought. Wouldn't say this feels more 'digital' to me, so not sure why it's changed... thinking just to get people talking about it and get across some brand messages maybe?

Doesn't particularly put me off though :) just seems a bit pointless (despite the detail of what's changed and why!)


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It could just say - Mastercard - and nobody would care.

But big companies like Mastercard will rebrand from time to time. Especially around the times of mass reprints. If not to just iron out the old and reel in the new.

It's not a massive change. It's one of these things done for the sake of doing them.
I don't mind the new logo and I can understand why they've done it but I think they should have definitely kept the interlocking lines! I saw this image on Twitter which I prefer for sure...