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The Last Millionaire


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Has anyone been watching The Last Millionaire on BBC Three?

I've been watching it on iPlayer and really enjoying them so far, it's like a cross between an old Channel 4 programme called Lost (where participants were left in a mystery location and had to get back home in the quickest time) and The Apprentice.

Series in which 12 of Britain's most successful young entrepreneurs compete to see who can create the most profitable businesses in six different cities across the world. Completely out of their comfort zones, stripped of all luxury, they are tested to see how successfully they can create a business from scratch in a different sector and a different country each time.
If you like business shows, and in particular Apprentice I think you'll enjoy this...
Episode 1 - BBC iPlayer - The Last Millionaire: Istanbul
Episode 2 - BBC iPlayer - The Last Millionaire: Berlin



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Hi Mally, I heard an advert for it on the radio I think, otherwise wouldn't have known about it myself, yeah I'm fan of Dragons Den too, this should be right up your street :)


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I have seen the one in Berlin .... What a nightmare! Those poor guys who did the naked photo shoot in the bar ... the landlord was a total bastard! But then they did promise a minimum of 30 peeps... I kinda feel they should have made sure they could get 30 people before they made the deal .... and the guys that gave that artist all the money how sweet were they ... bless em awww :)


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The first one was good too, worth a watch as you've seen the second one ;)

The bar landlord guy was a bit out of order, but at the same time I could see his point, that would wind me up that they were sitting there saying they held up their side of the contract with 7 people or whatever it was in the end! They should have admitted it didn't go as well as planned and tried to negotiate a lower fee, ended up just annoying him further I think.

Yeah thought the artists thing was good, they weren't actually that far off the highest for the week, they would have been annoyed if they'd given the money to him and could have won and gone home! :D


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No problems, and yes I'm finding it to be good viewing so far, next episode tonight, although I usually wait for it to come on the iPlayer.