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Great idea but I don't believe the reason film piracy is so high is simply due to people not wanting to pay for movies, I believe it's due to people not wanting to wait months for the Blu-Ray release, before getting to watch the movie. Some people simply do not want to go to the Cinema to watch certain movies, and would just prefer the comfort of their own homes. Some people, such as the disabled, cannot go to the cinema at all. We live in an age where people are becoming less and less patient, as they are used to getting what they want, when they want, due to the superb technologies available to us. Hence why On Demand TV, or On Demand Entertainment in general is so popular and will continually grow. I remember mentioning all of this before, but until there is some sort of agreement in place with the movie industry (which will never happen), to allow people the choice of going to the movies or watching the new release at home via their 'HD On Demand Movie Box,' piracy will never end. If by some miracle this were to happen, they could charge the highest cinema ticket prices for each movie stream. I wouldn't not suggest having the movies available on the day of cinema release, but 2/3 weeks after the cinema release would be reasonable.

Now TV is a great example. Instead of paying ridiculous amounts of money to Sky every month to watch the football, I can pick and choose which live football matches I want to pay to watch for the day/week. Rather then being tied down to a 24month contract, paying silly amounts every month for a million channels to which I wouldn't even watch a quarter of them.

Love the advert idea though! A reason to want to watch ads... Genius!
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I have a netflix account, I have an amazon account, I have Sky. I've seen the movie already in the Cinema and I enjoy'd it.

Now I want a digital copy that I can watch anytime, perhaps on a tablet, mobile or other and not have to stream it everytime, and not when Netflix, Amazon or Sky say I can.

In my opinion I've paid for the film already, four times. Why not get a copy early? Why is it illegal for me as someone who has invested my time and hard earned money four times to see a film not allowed to download it?

This is where I think the movie companies are missing a trick. If they made their content available to those with valid accounts with reputable dealings, like Sky, UPC, Netflix, Amazon etc. where users have an account (not unlike Steam) where you can watch all the movies once you have a paid subscription.

If movie companies banded together and offered a "Spotify" service, or "Netflix" to be more accurate, where you pay £10 a month for access, I think it would be very lucrative for them.

If for example, you have a Netflix, Amazon, Sky or other account where you are the holder you could receive these at a discounted price to their streaming service.

But I think movie companies should bite the bullet and make movies instantly available for download from their servers for a fair price. This ensures great copies for their customers, better sound, more insights to download for the movie, and it's all through a registered account.

Much like Steam, anyone found to be "cheating" would be barred from the servers.

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Some people will always pirate, regardless of what's in place to prevent or discourage it.

"£60 a month? That's too expensive, I'll just download it instead."

"£1 a month? Hardly seems worth it, I'll just download it instead."

It's partly due to pirating becoming more and more socially acceptable. I see posts on Facebook all the time for people offering to sell cracked Virgin, Sky, etc boxes that give you all the channels without you paying a penny. Technically lending a DVD or Bluray to a friend is a form of piracy since they haven't paid to see it.

On occasion I'll watch a film or TV series online through an 'unofficicial channel' shall we say, simply because the film or TV series I want to watch isn't available to watch online through a service that I can actually pay for. If it was, I'd happily pay for it.