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the footer of this little site..


Senior Member
hi everyone

im having a small irritation with this website im making for a friend:

iCore Couriers - Courier South East England, Same Day Courier Services UK

exemplified in the screenshot attached - if you zoom out when viewing the page, or have a large screen, you can see the bottom 'end' of the footer, where the blue stops, and you see the black background colour of the body underneath the footer.

I want the footer's blue colour to span all the way to the bottom of the page despite how much a user zooms out. I wondered if anyone knew how to do that?

My css for the footer currently is:

#footer {    background: url("img/footer.jpg") repeat-x left top #2E394F;    clear: both;    font-size: 0.9em;    height: 81px;    padding: 15px 0 0;    width: 100%;}
I've tried to make my #leftcolumn and #rightcolumn (make up the 2 columns in the main content area, please see page source) height to 100%, and also the footer height to 100%. This doesn't work. (forgive me I am a junior!)