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The faces of the names...


Senior Member
Just a thought I had after being inspired for our own sake in another thread - hows about everyone of us posts a few pics up so we can ut faces to names....I know a few people have photos of themselves as DP's but a lot of us dont....

I'll go first.

No prizes to the one guessing which photo shows me a little bit under the influence of!


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Actually, this is me:

I'd just been assaulted by my girlfriend's brother with large amounts of snow, just to fill you in. It's nothing porn related.

And me and my two of three older sisters at the top of the eiffel tower in summer:


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lol - i know, i don't actually have a mugshot photo, they're all from 1993, when I was just born.




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Thought I'd be fair and post a goodun badun and one on my lunch break (full moon)... ((hopefully you can tell which is which..)