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The end


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I've realised that we're all done up like kippers.
values and common sense are dissapearing with every day. The lunatics are running the asylum.

Father-of-three jailed after confronting drug dealer who sold heroin to his family | Mail Online

I was just watching some programme about North Yorkshire Traffic police and speed camera van, where the 'officer said he just captured 160 people in an hour! at £60 a poke, just under £10,000 an hour! 'Easy money' he said. it's only going to get worse.


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This stories like the guy in Wolverhampton. A robber starting walking up his stairs so the owner came out punched the guy in the face, the guy fell down the stairs, and got jailed for 8 months. Pathetic.

In America another robber fell through a woman's kitchen roof and landed (therefore stabbing himself) om the knife left out. He sued the woman for $250,000.


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tbh! our society really angers me! there are a range of subjects that the majority of the population agree upon yet those who we have elected to represent us within government do nothing, rather then doing their job and voicing and empowering the wishes of their constituents they pander to the PR brigade at every opportunity whilst further taxing and robbing the working man.

I call for a modern day boston tea party!



I was talking about this stuff with a colleague here at work, he seems to think that it is parents fault that children grow up to be Chav's and delinquents (or even Jane Goodies) etc etc and he said it was all the parents fault.. I said it was societies fault for the fact that we allow this to go on and that we just grin and bear it sort of thing... 2nd part of that argument will continue today i have no doubt LOL