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the death penalty...

death penalty?

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gonna get banned off DF for this i swear... oh well!

there's a big big debate across twitter right now about the death penalty.

here's a bit of news from the BBC on it, they have an interview with the blogger who suggested this petition should be taken.

so, what are your views?

poll away!


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just for the record, i'm anti-death penalty.

people should live with their consequences, and if they can, redeem themselves.

everyone deserves a second chance.


I think that some people deserve the death penalty personally.. but thats just me...

I think this might be a bit of a touchy subject Tim. People do have some very staunch views on this sort of thing.
just for the record, no TV, gyms, Playstations, DVD's in prisions.
If a killer of children/women/etc is allowed to live, their life should be a living hell.
Kill em bit by bit every day.

Harsh but there you go.


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so typo no chance for any kind of redemption?

the point of prison is surely to make someone want to change rather than hate themselves and society when they get released?

are they not more likely to do the same again if they don't know any different treatment?
No redemption, no release. The point of prision should be to punish.
If they murder, rape or molest do you really want them back on the street? No. They may and probably will do it again. I don't want that on my street. Where my children play.

However much they cry and say 'I'm sorry'.
My heart bleeds.
Lights out.


I had a very long reply to add to this on redemption.. but it made me really angry so I deleted it :)


Has to be said that I agree with Typo on the whole crying and saying sorry thing.


Senior Member
i see what you're saying and i agree, those kinds of people i don't want to see.

but as a human being they're entitled to basic human rights. not all prison sentences are by crazy crazy criminals, and in the case that they are, they're not allowed back into reality until their issues are dealt with, handled, and any other crazy stuff wiped out from their mind.

i watched police interceptors the other day, and there was a 50yo dad, who got angry and went a little bit mental for a while because of a domestic problem at home.

there was a massive police chase, he resisted arrest, blah blah blah... but point being, if the prison sentence he was to serve taught him that the world isn't a better place, and that no one gives a crap about him, what has he got to lose?

he'll go do it again because he doesn't live for anything other than his own satisfaction after that.

the only cases i agree with the death penalty is in situations like Osama Bin Laden.

he is a very real international threat, with contacts all over the world that could issue his plans regardless of whether he's locked up or not.

but we don't see that often.

if prison doesn't positively change peoples lives, it's doing the wrong job.


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I'm with Typo (a bit) and with Tim (a bit).

Take the situation in Norway, he is going to get 25 years for what he did, because that is the maximum sentence! How messed up is that! I'm not saying he should be put to death for his crimes, but he certainly deserves to be locked away in a dark cupboard for a very long time!

There was one case recently where a prison lobbied successfully to have broadband internet added to their list of basic human rights! How ****ed is that?

I wish prisons gave prisoners a choice of 2 options, hard labour or education.


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While I agree with your point of view on redemption, Tim, the dealth penalty (If I were High Emperor of the galaxy) wouldn't be used in situations where redemption is possible. Multiple child rapists for example, after decades of chances, are pretty much past the point of being redeemed by humanity - let whatever deity you may or may not believe in have a try. I wouldn't use it for terrorists, not while they can give out useful information, anyway. And I wouldn't use it for murderers unless they were repeat offenders of sound mind and it was pre-meditated. One guy going crazy might not deserve to hang. There are circumstances in each individual case.
I have to say I'm with Typo. There is real evil in this world and if we can get rid of it then do it. Typo is definitely right, why would we want people that have and could again commit murder on our streets, why should people feel unsafe in their own homes. People should be able to walk to streets at night without being afraid of what might jump out of the dark corner. I'm not saying hang anyone that does something bad, obviously there has to be a line between what's really bad, and what bad where the person should just be punished for the rest of their life rather than hanged. Either way I don't think prison is all its cracked up to be and unless prisons become more effective with longer sentences and better punishment, then bring back hanging, nobody should ever think they can simply get away with it and walk out without a mark to show for it.
sorry I do have quite a strong opinion on this, i really get angry when I see things on tv where people have committed such a serious offense and what they get as punishment just doesn't match up to what they have done to others. If they kill with intention, they should get the same in punishment.


Senior Member
There isn't much punishment in death really, once it's done. A life in the slammer with a particularly slippery bar of imperial leather on the other hand...