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The Cube

Discussion in 'Chill Out Forum:' started by charles, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. charles

    charles Senior Member

    Is it just me or does the TV show The Cube attract some of the most retarded people in Britain...?
  2. br3n

    br3n Senior Member

    never seen it but its on during the day so I can guess.... :D
  3. charles

    charles Senior Member

    I've only seen it before the missus comes over on a saturday night...

    it seems to be the biggest bunch of mooks ever!

    yup mooks!
  4. I'm so glad I don't bother to watch such rubbish :)
  5. Tom Sound

    Tom Sound Active Member

    Are you busy watching Come dancing on the beeb at the same time? :D

    I don't mind the cube so much, yes you get some fools on there and the buildup bit is a bit OTT but some of the games are quite clever how simple they look, and it's good watching the contestants argue with their nearest and dearest about whether to risk what's in the pot on the harder games :up:
  6. Nope... dont watch that rubbish either.. usually watching films or DVD's :D currently going through the entire 4 series' of Jeeves and Wooster :D
  7. Tom Sound

    Tom Sound Active Member

    Classic, I remember watching bits of that when it was on. There are some really good deals on Box Sets at the moment :up:
  8. hells yeah :) well i'm going to be without internet after I move for a couple of days so I needed to make sure that we had stuff to watch in the downtime :lol:
  9. Xenonsoft

    Xenonsoft Active Member

    The Cube's quality, at least 750 times better than WWTBAM (sounds like something from a comic strip).

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