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The coolest conference table in existance!


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Now Brendan, as a furniture designer - tell me you haven't had a wet dream over this?
I bet you're getting some A2 posters done for frames! I think the photography helps.
But I'll take your judgement and opinion that this is the Bees Knees. I'm glad you're happy tho ;)


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Exactly! I was so happy to see something that actually exists and people can interact with on a physical basis!

You're right the photography does help but most furniture designers/companies put little effort into the display of their products - I love the style the renders were done in and it does look like a very cool office!

During college I wrote a small essay on Eric Jordan but I couldn't find much information on him, So I made a lot of stuff up on the basis that if I couldn't find it the teachers couldn't either! :p

Anyways, When you decide to deck the Armadillo Creative offices out with some new gear you know where to come right? :p


I feel that if you had a conference table like that, you'd need to have a Bond villain at one end :lol:


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Chairs im pretty sure are Herman Miller. Supposedly the most comfortable office chairs available and the only ones to offer full support. When you know these things you start to recognise them everywhere... My girlfriend was a bit conused when I got excited and pointed out that Frasier (as in the tv prgram) has an eames chair in his lounge :p Its like pointing out helvetica to someone who has no idea or interest in typography.

Herman Miller - Mirra Chair

Tim... Thats just rude!


Tims young.. probably not seen any furniture other than plastic outdoor furniture or IKEA... LOL


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I'll be honest as a product designer I think its rather bland and simplistic considering what they could have done. All they did was make a few cut outs for the speakerphone/projector etc when they could have easily integrated them into the the design of that table.

And the legs aren't even being used for anything other than support, theres a lot of usable space in them.