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The Breakdown of Web Design

This is to great to not pass up, a guy I know just sent me this and I found it to be the greatest thing ever (with the exception of the tables replacing CSS).

The yellow segment is perfect.

Michae said:
Haha very fitting :)

I never surrender to tables though!
Too good for a pink segment, eh? =P

Also, I need an excuse to use this smiley, so I'm just going to say the yellow slice of the pie chart has been growing steadily the whole day. I wish for IE6 to die.


Active Member
Ahh yes that's spot on! At my old, old work the web developer there had that chart or a very similar one printed out as a poster :)


Junior Member
I concur! Internet Explorer is a pain in the rear to get things to work in, and tables are so tempting! >.>;

I would applaud, but you'd only hear the smacking of my fins - being penguin and all. Not too thrilling.