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The Berlin Wall - Documentary


Senior Member
I'm British, but I feel very sensitive about human issues. The Berlin Wall is something that has always shocked me and I've often wondered why it is only mentioned rarely on TV. At least in my opinion it is.

I notice that many people don't know who built it and why; they only know that it was something unwanted and that everyone was happy when it was demolished. That isn't enough, is it? Germany is only round the corner and there are people out there who still suffer the consequences of that period. Can you imagine what it would be like if suddenly you're separated from your girlfriend because she lives in an area of your town that has become forbidden?

... so, I thought I'd post that video, because unlike the other ones I've found, it seems to illustrate the situation a bit more clearly. So, hopefully those who watch it won't forget about it. At least it is a good starting point for making other searches about this topic, I think.