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The BB Book of Life


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We've all read them in various threads around DF, I thought I would collect all the wise nuggets from the BB Book of Life into one nice tidy thread....

Before you can go anywhere, you must first know where you have come from
Nothing builds or creates confidence better than winning. Sometimes we doubt our own ability so many times that we are are biggest enemy. A mark of champion is not how hard he hits but how he responds when he is hit hard. (The Berry Burgess book of life in Advertising. volume 2 chapter 4.)
Control your own destiny.
When one door shuts another window opens. (BB book of life)
BB book of Life: Do the Hours, Get the Power.
BB book of Life ( there's another Greg!) It's not about You...It's about Them.
Apologies if I missed any, I just searched the forums for 'book of life' :)


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lol ! i gotta say wiring the jaw wouldn't help when you can type with no mouth.... but i wouldn't wanna stop the quotes anywho! Well helpful :)


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Berry said:
Always ask yourself....."Would I get a job on the strength of the last piece of work I submitted"
BB Book of Life. ( ...log it Greg)
Got it ;) almost missed that one!


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Greg said:
I wonder if BB has the moves on the dance floor to match?
The floor is yours Berry...
Ha! I have the as much rythmm as C3PO with a bad case of epilepsy.

.....BIANCA!!! no more family reunions for you if you're going to snitch....