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The Adobe Creative Suite 2014


Senior Member
I'm just downloading the latest major update to the Adobe Creative Suite. This one seems to have ditched the numbers and called itself CC 2014.

I checked out the new features and improvements for Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver.

There's some interesting new stuff but the update is significantly less exciting than the previous CSX updates (e.g. CS3 to CS4)

Most of the major programs have received an update so it would be interesting to know if anyone had a benefited from one of the features.
One of the things I'm just starting to play with is the new way you can write your own extensions. You used to have to work with the unholy abomination that is Flash (aaaaaaargh!) but now it seems to be all HTML5 and JavaScript. It's still a long way off what you can do in AppleScript/Xcode but its much improved compared to the old way.

Managed to knock up an almost-decent barcode generator in the space of a morning! :)