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the a-z of graphic design


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hi guys, im hoping for a bit of forum help here! ive been planning a new blog post for a few weeks now entitled the a-z of graphic design, primarily aimed at students or those new to the industry. I want the piece to be a good reference for those who are unsure what certain terms mean, what the difference is between cmyk and rgb, how to prep for print, how to respond to a client who asks for a quote, the list goes on...

so the idea is to list from a-z the essential definitions and descriptions of well used words and terms in the design industry, and ill probably post in chunks (a-f,g-l, etc)
Ive started to draw up a list of many of the things I think are important, but please feel free to add more words to the list, dont worry about descriptions too, im not expecting people to do the work for me, I just want to get more suggestions as to what people think are important bits of info to know. My list so far is:

A: Amendments, Artworker, Apple Mac, Aesthetics, Agencies
B: Bleed, branding,backing up,brain storming, business cards,blogging
C: Cmyk, colour, copyright, copy writer, cutting formes, clipping paths
D: Design awards, duotone
E: Experience
F: Folds, fonts, feedback, freebies (As in downloadable freebies), freelancing, finding work, forums
G: graphic symbols, gold foiling, graphic designers, greyscale
H: history of design
I: indesign, illustrator, illustration
J: juggling jobs
K: kerning
L: line drawings, logos
M: Mocking up, mac operators, marker comps,
N: New media, networking
O: Optimising files for print
P: Print process, printers, paper sizes, pens, pricing work, PDF's, portfolio
Q: Questionnaires
R: Redesigns, reprints, RGB
S: Sizes, substrates, silk printing, studios, social networks, self promotion, spec work
T: typography, theory
V: Visuals
W: personal website, work samples

Like I say, please feel free to add more, Id really appreciate it!
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Haha,thanks guys,I might use the xray line and claim it as my own! ;) feel free to add more words to other letters too, it wasn't just the hards ones I needed help with, just anything u think is important!
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x, y and z - coordinates :)
c - computer, camera (could do slr for s)
p - pc
w - windows (could add xp/seven etc)
o - os-x
m - mouse
g - graphics tablet
k - keyboard


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I have an A-Z of Marketing presentation that i do roadshows etc.
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Just a few off the top of my head Dave

C - Crop Marks
H - Hyphenation
J - Justification (as in line justification)
L - Leading
R - Registration, Registration Marks
O - Optimising for Web
P - Proofs, Point Size
Q - Quark Xpress
S - Spot Colours
T - Time keeping (should of had that one dave!)
U - UV plate
V - Visuals/Visualisation