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Thanks for the nice welcome....

Posted an introduction yesterday but seems it's been deleted?! Haven't been sent a message to say how I offended/what I did wrong?

Treading carefully.... I run a charity that helps children create children's books in the UK and in Africa to exchange with each other.

I'm interested in seeing how we could involve graphic design students in the future but we haven't yet figured how to do this.

Apologies for however and whoever that offends?.......

Paul Murray

Staff member
Welcome to the forum. Not much gets deleted on here, so it's likely a mistake of some kind. Don't take it to heart, we're all very friendly on here.

You should contact universities and colleges about this,and try to speak with a tutor to turn it into a live brief for the students. Something like this will probably be very appealing to many, and I know that my tutor would likely be very keen to get us involved in something like this.

What exactly would you like the students to help with? Designing the books? Marketing, or creating a campaign to advertise the charity? Something else? None of the above? Not sure?

Speak to some tutors and see about getting the students to come up with ideas :)
thanks - thought I'd breached protocol somehow.

I'll put up better details later in the year because there are a few other things we need to get in place first. There are two particular things I'd been thinking of though - we publish books made by children, but we also publish them as sets of cards - some like big postcards, and some smaller. It varies how the cards work eg can be a story on several cards, or it can be sets with one story in each card (or running over 2 sides) - so I thought that might be a real life brief that some students might enjoy getting stuck into. The cards we publish are used to help children in Africa develop their literacy skills so it would be a nice thing to be involved with hopefully.

If we could find a way to make it work then for sure all those other things would be good to get people involved in too - the books, our own branding, website etc. etc. And also for any that are really keen opportunities and work directly in schools with us.

I'm not being too specific just yet because I want to make sure things are set up properly and we've a fair bit of work this year to do with the material we already have. Tutors, universities and colleges are all on my 'to contact' list - in fact the idea was prompted originally from a University lecturer.

Good that you think there would be interest - I'll definitely get details up soon. For now though just wanted to introduce who I am/what my interests are. Have browsed these forums many time when stuck - thought it was long overdue I got involved!

And thanks for the reply :)
Hiya, nothing gets deleted on here honestly Boss is a top bloke and even when I've been using choice language in a rage he hasn't knocked it off! Not that I do that often you understand! lol Welcome anyway, I'm very interested in your charity actually being a mum and someone who had reading issues as a child! Could you PM me some details of your organization at all? Nice to have you on board!
Thanks - will message you shortly - in the meantime have added some of our recent books here:

stories4change books

Our website is getting a big overhaul soon as much of what we do is changing following our recent work in Africa so not everything on there now is as it will be.