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Text effect help!

Hey, quick question really. i see a lot of people who do the remotley the same sort of work as me do this effect with text ( the black backround bit in flicker&firepower image attached / the white bit on bare logo ) bare-dubstep.jpg firepower_word_standard_spiffed.jpg White logo black.jpg ... Im currently working on a commission and id like to try do a similar effect, it looks rather simple to do. But im just wondering if there's a quick way or an actual way off doing this rather than a paint tool and lots off rulers.

Paul Murray

Staff member
Simply select a layer in Photosop/element in Illustrator, hold down the alt key and repeatedly press the down arrow key. This will duplicate the layer every time you press the down key, whilst also ensuring the new duplicate is positioned below the previous one. Then it' just a case of selecting all the layers/elements except the top one, merging them, changing the colour, and placing them below the top layer. Then just add a stroke to the outside of both layers and you're done.