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Tee- shirt printing

Hi all - I am currently starting to design some amazing tee-shirts and wondered if anyone knew of a person or company that would do the full print for me to cover the tee-shirt and not just thhe basic A4 template. I will be selling them on to the public so I need large quantities.


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I do know a few t-shirt printers in my local area, but they can ship across the uk so that isn't a stumbling block.
Have you tried to find printers in your local area? Because if you can find one that you can visit and work with in person, it does help you to achieve exactly what you want.

If you can either post on here what you want printed, or contact me via PM or email and send me some visuals I'll know better which printer to suggest.

Mike knows plenty of t-shirt printers as well, so he should be along in a bit to make some suggestions.

Get in touch, if I can help I will.


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Ken works for a screenprinters and would no doubt have the knowledge to talk more about printing, but being a bit of a tee nerd, I know a thing or 2.

A4? Really who have you been talking too, that is tiny!!! There is a place in Nottingham that goes to A2 comfortably! and I have an example of theirs and it is amazing! I can recommed scores of companies who go to A3 sizes up and down the country depending on where you are.

You say cover the shirt? For starters what sizes are you working with? An A3 covers a small well and a medium fairly well, but then won't touch a large or an xl. Once again it comes back to the design.


Mock Up Kit by TN.zip

Download this mock up, get your design on that, then the info will flow...
Thanks mrp2049.
So far Ive only come across templates for A4, so what you posted is really appreciated.
II will be designing for medium sized tees so A3 will do nicely, if you know of any companies in notts, that would be very handy.


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Dirty Herd, Screen-Printers By Royale Appointment

first off, dirty herd, they are in birmingham, they can handle a2 (i got confused) and do great work, I have one of their a2's...

Pandy Cane Clothing — Pandy Cane & Eat Sleep Attack Colab Shirt!!!!

and its amazing, but that is partially the design.

Monster Screen Prints, Nottingham

second off, monster in nottingham, also have stuff they have printed, not got a link, but I can safely say, dam good work. I'm not sure what size they print up to, haven't looked at their site in a while.

MySpace - My-T-Print Shop - 29 - Male - UK - myspace.com/mytprintshopuk

third off, based up the road from me, but also very good.

big thing with shirts is what stock to printer holds, if they have loads of blanks by various brands, plenty of arguement over which brand available all over the net, then short runs with several sizes is possilbe. Once again something to take up with the printer.

Monster would be my choice personally.

If you post a mocked image on the sample I posted, then between me and Ken we could probably tell you a fair bit more.

I use a company that mail orders T's at a great price, I have used them for ages and know the owner well, if you would like me to get his contact details let me know.

Kind regards