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Morning all,

It's about this time, after all of my daily admin is done that I get to make myself a tea. It made me wonder, how do you take yours? :icon_biggrin:

For me, white, no sugar and a hobnob.

Dave L

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Large, straight-sided mug, two standard strength tea bags (good quality), water still boiling at point of impact with the tea and milk added last to achieve a mid-pink/brown. No biscuit, no sugar (don't stir it with a spoon previously used for sugar either - I'll know); add tobacco smoke and consume while still steamy.

It's a bit archaic now (teapots, for example, being the preserve of squares from the past and/or people with more free time than I'm prepared to allow), but this is my general guide:

A Nice Cup of Tea by George Orwell

That said, wet and warm will be fine: cheers.

Paul Murray

Staff member
Yorkshire Tea bag in cup, boiling water, leave to brew for about 5 minutes, come back when tea is black, remove bag, add 2 sugars, milk, stir, drink, repeat in 30 minutes.

I find a coffee in the morning has the kick I need over tea though.


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Brew for 5 mins? That's a strong cuppa tea. I put the milk in with the teabag and let it half-brew whilst the water is boiling, then add water once boiled. By this point the teabag is nicely brewed (for me) and no waiting around.

This also prevents cup stain-age!
In work I go for a straight up normal tea with milk, no sugar, nice and easy for people to remember, I even got the rest of the office off sugar so now we all have the same haha!

At home is another story however, I have quite a large tea collection! My fave at the moment is Bengal Spice, it's like a chai but even better. Then we have green teas, fruit teas, white teas, all kindsa different blends and flavours, I'm like a kid in a sweetshop!
Plenty of tea buffs here (might have skewed the positive opinions for my tea packaging designs HAHA :p)

Being of Chinese origin, I do sample a lot of different teas and my favourites are the stronger, earthier varieties, such as Pu-Erh or Longjing/Dragon's Well - not for the casual tea-drinkers by any means!


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Normal tea - fairly strong, white, no sugar. Preferably out of a teapot.

Also drink green tea - with the teabag still in it. And I love Turkish Chai!

Tony Hardy

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Haha, Paul, that's my method;

Ringtons tea (none of that poxy Yorkshire crap), hot water on top, wander off and do 5 million other things before remembering about the cup of tea I've left brewing, dash of milk, as many biscuits as I can find.



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Rum in a tea mug so no one can tell I'm drinking until they get up close...

Nah, very boring. Medium strength tea, medium milk and half a spoon of sugar. No sweetener, that makes tea taste like shit. Too old to metabolise biscuits any more. I can get fat in under a fortnight.