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Tattoo design inspiration


Staff member
As a designer it's hard enough to design for yourself but this is a real head banger!! I'm getting a 3/4 sleeve tattoo for my birthday but don't have a clue where to start with the design!!*

I originally thought a 50s pin up inspired design but now I'm thinking I'd like it to reflect me as a graphic designer rather than my admiration of boobs. Problem is I really can't think where to even start!*

It'd be great if you could all shoot ideas at me of what design means to you, just to get the creative juices flowing.*

Wow, that's a big statement to get a tattoo that reflects you as a Designer...but I like the idea and would like to see photos if you do finally work it out.

Maybe it should be a tattoo that develops over time, get a bit added each 6months or so that reflects who you are as a Designer at that particular moment. I'm only just starting out in the industry but I guess you never stop learning and developing so maybe the tattoo could reflect that, some kind of time line...

If not maybe you can do the 50's style boob homage but have the Apple logo for nipple tassels! :icon_biggrin:

Dave L

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I've never once seen a design so compelling that I want it etched into my flesh for all eternity. The fact that there are real people out there who do this with corporate logos almost makes me want to weep.

Paul Murray

Staff member
If you get type tattooed on you be sure to kern it yourself before hand, and stress how important it is for the tattooist to follow it to the pixel! There's a few words that can turn into other unintended words if not kerned properly :p


Staff member
My last Tattooist was a graphic designer so was pretty good at that sort of thing but he hung up his black latex gloves.