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Taken for a ride? Pricing for logo designs

Client i do work for now and again, thinks im taking the mickey out of him, which i dont think i am, i quoated £200 for developing the new logo which i gave him 22 different designs, the 1st stage i charged £300, which was wait for it 50 different designs of logos and posters. his cut was £700!! am i over charging do you u think?


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Not quite sure what you mean Mick? Are you saying you've quoted/charged £500 in total for the logo design concepts & development, and he's outsourced it to you whilst taking £700 for the work from the client?
sorry mate
1st stage i quoted 300 for 50 different design concepts his cut was £700. total £1000 which i recieve £300 off it. he qouted £1000 to them then sourced it to me to do.
2nd stage i quoated 200 to develop the logo further which was 22 different designs. i dont think its that much concerdering the time and research etc.
what do you think?


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Right, with you, well I'd say his charges are irrelevant on this, as they could be the same as yours or hundreds/thousands above, etc.

50 design concepts sounds like a lot for a logo design, are they all individual ideas or variations of a set of main ideas? As there's obviously a huge difference/range in the two. Hard for someone else to say without knowing the full brief/history of the job to be honest.

Have you kept track on time spent? and worked out an hourly rate? That would probably give you a better idea than anyone else saying 'yes that seems like a lot', etc.

Sorry - probably not much help, but like I say it's hard to make an assessment from an outside point of view. Greg


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well considering it sounds like he's getting £1000 (- your costs) for doing nothing but speak to the client then in my view you're not asking too much.
it was i think 35 different logo deisgn which i offered more than one concept and 15 different posters. yip im workin to an hourly rate mate. i dont want to burn my bridges with him as he's a sound guy. but im being more than fair i think. also once you post a thread can you delete it once its time is up, if you know what i mean.


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No you can't delete a thread once it's been posted, but you can PM me and I can delete it for you if needed. Thanks, Greg
Mick, it sounds like he's the one taking you for a ride! 35 different concepts?! I tend to offer 3-5 max and for one final result that will overall cost probably more than that. Logo design and branding are much more valuable that he's making out.
Maybe going off on a tangent here but that amount of concepts makes no sense for you or the client. They will blinded with choice and you will have spent a lot of time on ideas that aren't going to go any further. Presenting that wide variety of routes also gives the impression that you don't understand how best to tackle the brief so are just chucking everything you can think of at them.

Quite often you may have 20+ variants from your initial quick ideas but choose three or four you think have potential to develop/ send on for feedback. Best way is to step back and evaluate your initial scamps against the aims of the brief/ target audience to help cut the wheat from the chaff.
its starting from scratch russell, so all the brandnames were different .com logos. So there was like 6 different branding ideas with say 5-6 different name ideas in each. then you had the posters.lol i agree it was alot, but i was just doing what the brief said to do.
Oh right, that sounds like a bit of a nightmare, in which case a fair split would have been 70% - 30% in your favour in my opinion. He may be a good guy but business is business and I think he's taking advantage.