T-Shirt Designs Wanted - Must Be Unique - Ongoing Royalty Paid Monthly

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John Bright

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My company Johnny Artizan is developing a new website and social media pages to sell clothing with a selected range of designs from aspiring artists / graphic designers. Categories are varied but include Humour, Trending, Surrealism, Political and Everything Else! All designs chosen will be featured on our site and promoted via our social media apps Worldwide and the artist name will be prominent on the website for all to see and a ongoing Royalty Payment will be issued monthly on all sales.

Please contact me directly with a description of your portfolio or work style or an example image so we can review for comment and further discussion. This is a new project and the aim is two fold, obviously sales of merchandise but more importantly to develop recognition for ones work and generate a income stream via royalties.


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Design to be paid per sales is not how it works.

You pay for the designs and then if you make money off it so be it.
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