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T-shirt Designer Wanted

Discussion in 'Design Jobs & Employment Forum:' started by SwagClothingUK, May 11, 2013.

  1. SwagClothingUK

    SwagClothingUK New Member


    I am starting up a clothing company and I am looking to offer royalties for shirt designs. As we are only a small company we cannot offer masses of money at this stage but will pay £2 per unit sold to start off. If you think that you could come up with a lot of designs for my company then I may be willing to offer 10% of all future revenue whilst you are creating designs for us.

    We are an urban brand selling mainly T-shirts and they do not have to feature the company name. Also it is just the design to go on the shirt not the actual shirt design itself.

    Let me know if you would like any more information :)

    Kind regards

    Richard Booth
    Managing Director
    Swag Clothing UK
  2. DigitalYak

    DigitalYak Member

    Hi Richard, thanks for posting your details, do you have a website for your business we could look at?
  3. SwagClothingUK

    SwagClothingUK New Member


    Sorry for the late reply. We do not have a website at the moment as we are waiting for our first batch of shirts to be finished. We do have the domain name but nothing else currently.

    Sorry for the lack of information.
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