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Sync-ing with Outlook 2007


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Hi Guys,

I have been a Outlook user now for a while and wondered something about it that has been driving me mad for the last few weeks. Ok I bought a brand new laptop six months ago as i travel here there and everywhere when I can (I like to travel around, just me and the car at the moment.) Anyway, I now have my PC set backup and am continously updating my email's and contact's in outlook on both PC and Laptop.

When I was at the MOD I took care of operating and maintaing the Outlook Exchange Server which synced outlook where ever i sign on, on the network. So the only way to sync I am guessing is by some sort of device inbetween the laptop and pc so when i log on the newly added information is pulled down, is this correct. Any information on this would be great.



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theres the software approach - ie something like synchpst
using imap (for email only) or when using pop set one pc up so it leaves a copy on the server and then use the other pc to download completely later on.
theres the folder sync where you sync the pst file although not sure how well it would work if you download on both pc's during the time frame
Use thunderbird which iirc has a plugin to sync between more than one machine.


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Yes, I was at the MOD for 3 years working in Catterick Garrison. I have been down your way a few times. Spent a few weeks at Aldershot doing some network training too. Quite enjoyed my time there.


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no I was an IT Manager, I dealt with MOD networks, exchange servers, security etc. As I was based in catterick I was also given work on promotions for new families that moved to the area. So I designer flyers and leaflets for "things to do" in Catterick and the surround area. I got to know a lot of people at the job including the guy below.

Me doing a presentation on future IT Plans (bad bad bad photo quality!)

Me and William Hague (About 3 years ago)
Hi Glen,

If I have understood your question correctly you could move your mail provider to a service like gmail who offer IMAP mail service, this means that googles servers are a central point of reference and your laptop and PC sync contacts and mail via google servers.

If you need some more info / help settingthis up let me know.


Hi Nathan,

I understand that but I dont really want to go down that road. I own my own domain names which sit on a mail server in Manchester. Thanks for that though mate.