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Symphony Orchestra Logo advice


New Member
Hello everyone, first time posting.
I play for a small orchestra and I wanted to create a new logo for the Orchestra. I am a complete novice but the orchestra doesn't have the money to hire a graphic designer for the project.
I have come up with a few ideas and I'm looking for honest critical feedback (internet is the best place for this).
The orchestra wanted Blackpool Tower in the design but we're happy with any other changes made.
Here is the orchestra's original logo:
This it the design I have settled on:
I have created a few very different examples:
image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
Am I on the right track or should I really Give up?
The orchestra means a lot to me and I don't want it looking too amateur.

Thank you very much for your advice
Tom Goulding


Active Member
In your situation I would like to say : Try to keep it simple as possible. Don't try to play too much with the typography for example and keep in mind what is an orchestra and what does it refers to (sobriety, elegance etc...)

Don't be afraid, search some inspiration on website like logopond for example. It could be really useful for you to understand some basic rules around logo (composition, colors, hierarchy etc...).

Take your pencil and a sheet of paper then draw....And as I said keep it simple.

Good luck ;)