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Sylvie Fleury ?


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I have been given the task to research Sylvie Fleury, since I have no idea who she is ( I know shes an artist ) I'm finsing it hard to find a Bio of her. I've searched via google and got a few lines on Wikipedia but that won't be enough.

Does anyone have any kind of info/images of Sylvie Fleury and her work ?

Thank You
Have you been to you University Library? Is this for a university project? If its not on google then maybe a book is going to be the better option.


Staff member
it will be for uni, last time I checked university libraries are pretty well stocked up on encyclopaedia's etc, you also need references for your quotations and source materials etc

Also the reason that it's hard to find on the internet might be part of the task, tutors are pretty wise to the 'lets get everything off the internet' approach and are probably making it so you actually have to put some graft into the work by having to go to a physical library.

edit: there is actually plenty of google to get you started, you then use what you find to expand on that area to make your final work although the above is a better option


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It isn't a ' proper ' documented project. She just feels that nobody in years 1 and 2 of Architecture know enough about Designers/Architects/Artists etc and so each week she if giving each of us ( group of 12 ) a category and she just picks a person. Like today she brought a book called " Art now ", flicked to a random page and asked me to research that person for Monday to present to the rest of the group.

I assume we are the only group doing this as we already have been overloaded with project, said the Lecturer...

Thanks for your replies.