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Supplying spot colours for print

Hi Folks,
I am looking for clarification on how to supply spot colours correctly for print.
Does one have to convert spot colours to process (working in InDesign) before sending over to the printer?
Or do you leave a spot colour as exactly that and send file?

For example working on a 5 colour job with extra colour being PANTONE Red 032c.

Thanks for help in advance ; )
Hi Nicky

Personally i would just supply it as a spot and select the pantone in the coated library from the options.

Obviously if your converting it to process its no longer a 5 colour job.
The printer will need it supplied in such a way that he can produce 5 plates (if it's a litho job). That's one each for your 4 colour process (CMYK) element and one for the 032 red. So on your artwork the 032 red element should be coloured up as your "5th" colour 032 red and everything that doesn't print in red 032 needs to be set as 4 colour process (CMYK). It's actually very straightforward but I appreciate it can be confusing if you're new to all this marlarky.


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Hi Nicky. Just another vote confirming what's been said before. Converting a spot colour to CMYK would defeat the purpose of there being a spot colour to begin with (unless the job needed to be 4 colours or less).