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Summer vacation?

Discussion in 'Chill Out Forum:' started by Kevin, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. Kevin

    Kevin Senior Member

    Are there still people here young enough (i.e. students) to understand the concept of summer vacation? :p
  2. Becky

    Becky Member

    I have a week off work next week if that counts? :p

    I have friends who are teachers, they still have "summer holidays" which means they slack for 6 weeks like their students lol
  3. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    I understand the concept, just don't get the chance to put it into action, enjoy them while they last!!
  4. Kevin

    Kevin Senior Member

    I will... But if the forum is gonna be as quiet as it has been tonight, I might actually have to find some real friends :confused:

    Just the though tof it already makes me shiver :p
  5. Becky

    Becky Member

    Everyone's busy with with competition :D
  6. ralphsaunders

    ralphsaunders Senior Member

    When you do what you love for living, every day is a vacation.
  7. tim

    tim Senior Member

    in a way i hate my job, it seems that it's only sunny when i'm at work.

    for the past 5 weeks, every day off i had it pissed it down.

    i want a summer holiday :(
  8. tim

    tim Senior Member

    no one believes that :p :D
  9. glenwheeler

    glenwheeler Senior Member

    My summer vaction will be spent at Silverstone circuit for 1 week doing skid patch training and the British Grand Prix...then heading off to Monza, Italy for that GP aswell :) I aint had a holiday in a year and the last yeah has been pretty damn tuff some am looking forward to the break!
  10. ralphsaunders

    ralphsaunders Senior Member

    Eh? It's like science, it doesn't have to be believed, just observed. :p
  11. mrp2049

    mrp2049 Senior Member

    I wish I could have a holiday.
  12. i'm going on my honeymoon to Tuscany on Saturday :) 32 degrees and sunny over there at the moment :)
  13. Thewholehogg

    Thewholehogg Active Member

    Sounds great Chris, have a swell time.

    Best take your watercolours.
  14. yeah was thinking of taking my paints along :) though not watercolours :) I paint with oil and with do charcoal sketches too :) my wife bought me sets of them for Christmas :) not had much of an opportunity to use them as of yet :)
  15. Thewholehogg

    Thewholehogg Active Member

    Get the paints out and set up. Then ask a passing 'EyeTie' to quickly 'do you and the missus'.
    Sorted. Something nice for the wall when you get back.

    Who needs digital technology?
  16. Renniks

    Renniks Senior Member

    my summer vacation from uni will be spent commuting and working... joy ;)
  17. mrp2049

    mrp2049 Senior Member

    you are going on your honeymoon and you are thinking about painting?
  18. inbetween other things yes :) Natalie likes to paint too :)
  19. mrp2049

    mrp2049 Senior Member

    If my honeymoon doesn't resemble something Caligula would be proud of I will be dissapointed!

    I might leave out the horse marrying and people eating...
  20. Tom Sound

    Tom Sound Active Member

    woooo, chocolate body paint woooohooooo!!

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