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Designing a logo for a friend...

Flooring company - MGH Flooring

Any ideas would be appreciated as I'm stuck! I've made a start but not happy so far:

Weird, the colour changes when showing in this post compared to original blue (R:0 / G:176 / B:216)

Ignore host site, just used for ftp



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i like no.2 tbh.

number 1 is a bit basic and stretched.

try bit more traditional colours, like a brown or a darker grey on the text instead of just plain black :)


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I agree on second one being nicer, a bit mfi ish... but they've gone into administration so not a prob lol

will try a different colour swatch.


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I agree about the blue grey being everywhere, the type of flooring he does is aluminium raised access flooring used in offices etc to hide cabling so it's fairly relevant aside from using greys.