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stuff I want to buy :O


Senior Member
Lots and lots :D

Computer chair
19" monitor
a MicroSD card for my phone
16gb usb drive
graphics tablet (a5 wacom intous3)
20-26" TV (non flat screen <-- cheap)
record player (so cool)
13" MBP
laptop backpack
New suit
New smart clothes
2 domain names
Ipod touch
'3' wireless internet dongle
the 9 books berry suggested

Bleh, could cost quite alot :(


Senior Member
A cheaper one than that haha :D

looking at the ergonomic knee stool things....
Also looking at some high back mesh chairs
Or maybe some leather mid back chairs (bit cheaper but not as comfy)


Senior Member

mac mini
imac 20"
imac 24"
mbp 13"
mbp 17"
mb air
ipod classic
ipod nano
ipod shuffle 4G ltd edition
zune HD (just to see apple's competition)
£4000 apple gift card (x25)

oh AND a graphics tablet


google phone
samsung pixon
palm pre

genuinely, they look like good phones.

my girlfriend's friend has the G1, feels really nice but more limited than the iphone. maybe it's just the aesthetics.


Senior Member
The other phones all seem more limited than the Iphone, hence why I still tell people who are willing to pay £35/month to get an Iphone...

The capabilities just arent the same yet, though I feel the phones themselves have more potential and are just nicer... (not keen on the G1 ball thing)


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i wasnt keen on it until i tried it, it kinda fitted with it, i think. like the overall feel of it.

it got my vote. i stole it for like 10 minutes :D


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srsly!? now THATS a bad touch screen. it feels rough, not smooth, not reliable, not responsive, just like the LG phones. but tbf you cant compare to iphone as they have probably the nicest feel to their screens. MEH.


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I wont even try and compare it to the Iphone, but the screen does the job, I am able to quickly use & function with the phone. It has all the functions I need at this point.

It is responsive & reliable yet not smooth.


Staff member

My shopping list excluding the anime (what I want would hit over a £1000 on its own) and anime models (they're not cheap either)

Macbook Pro 13-15" (yes even with my preference for windows, os-x does have a couple of programs which are worth the money - final cut express and keynote :p)
3x i7 quad core with 12GB of ram, my duals are just getting to be too slow :(
New fileserver based on intel atom rather than AMD Athlon X2 as its lower power etc
New office chair :p
iPod touch although thats not desperate and I'm seriously considering buying an imported ZuneHD instead.
Now Draytek 802.11n VOIP router and wifi bridge
Nikon D90, a ring flash, some macro lenses and a long length zoom lens.
I'm due a new phone (since Feb) but Vodafone are being crap, kind of liking the palm pixi (its the candy bar version but not out yet) and touch diamond2, might even consider android phone (not sure they're prime time yet), samsungs got a nice cheap one coming out soon.
Bonsai Tree(s) and a Suiseki (japanese viewing stones)

There's probably more as I'm always going ooh I want that :p


I'd just be happy with paying off my wedding and moving to a new house... don't care about anything else really :)