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Student :)

Hi forums :)

When I was little I wanted to be an artist, but then realised that I'm not that great of a drawer so gotten into computer arts and design and what not haha :D

Currently studying Multimedia and Digital Entertainment in Computing at Northumbria University and right now I'm doing my placement year as a "Developer of Online Educational Resources" not bad right?

but yeah, that's me...



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Welcome to DF. Is Trevor Sewell one of your tutors?
I've employed 2 Multimedia graduates from Northumbria.
I'm afraid I've never heard that name, sorry.

My course covers such a wide area... from web development to video special effects and everything in between...


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Hi Derek,

I spend alot of time at Northumbria poping in and out at weekends as my girlfriend goes there, i am currently in my fianl year at Teesside University...welcome to the forums.


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:lol: I turned down a course offer at Northumbria about a year ago. Was a good looking course too. Welcome aboard.