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Student looking for Print experience

Hi there, Im a first year Graphic Design student at Ravensbourne and I'm looking to get some summer experience in a printers. Basically I want to get an insight into how it works from "their" side which I hope will help me in the future.

Anybody know places I could apply to or enquire about? Ive tryed Calverts, but they don't take on interns unfortunately. I live in Hackney by the way.

Any help appreciated!


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You could searching for printers in your area using Yell.com, that'll give you a whole list of places to contact.


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Heya, yeh try your college first if that doesn't work try contacting printing companies here's a good website for you Printing Companies in Kent UK

Alternatively, instead of looking for intern, you can promote yourself as a student wanting work experience two/three times a week and will work for free and wiling to take help them out with small admin work, this will leave the other days for you to do temping jobs and you can pick up experiences.

Hope this information will help you. All the best.
Thanks guys. I mainly want to get experience with litho printing and a place that will be doing a range of jobs with various paper stocks etc. Nothing like this goes on in college unfortunately.
We are a litho printers and run stocks from 90mic up to 600mic and print just about everything. If you can give me some more info, like when you are going to be available etc ill see what i can do. Also we are in Hatfield not far from north london.