Student looking for feedback on assignment work


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Hi as part of my assignment I had to create a two sided DL flier for AGideas conference. Artwork,logo and copy was supplied and I had to come up with a quick basic concept.
I would be grateful for and constructive feedback that can be provided.




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Don’t like the black background (but that’s just me).

We are used to reading vertical content from the right (tilting your head to the left). Feels odd to do it the other way.

You have two different styles for the AGideas / agideas and what appears to be 4 different fonts.


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To be brutally honest - and put on your heavy sweater - that is not good at all.

I googled this and this what came up for previous events



You really need to do research before starting any design.

The typography, the layout, the alignments, the font choices - everything about is wrong.

Step away from the computer - start with pencil and paper, and do your research.

Come up with 20 concepts on paper first.

Take 5 of those best concepts and scan them into your computer (take a photo with your phone) and make it live on the computer.

Take 3 of those and come up with 3 different concept designs.