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Student help


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im not sure if this is the right place to post this but here goes.

Hi my name is martin and im a multimedia tech student at Leeds met. I'm in my final year now and this semester we have been given a module which is designed to help us improve our employability and interaction with the multimedia sector.

We were asked to look at companys and freelancers and find one or 2 that we found interesting, to write a small report about.

so i decided to make a post here to see if anyone who owns a design company or is a freelancer could take 10 minutes to answer a few questions.

ok so onto the questions.

First of all who are you?

The name of your company?

Url to your website?

How did you get started in the multimedia sector?

What sort of Qualifications did you achieve before you started out?

How many staff do you have currently working for you or at your company?

What would you say the main aims and ethos of your company?

What would you say the key selling points of your company are?

If you had to choose one previous project you worked on which best represented the work you do which would it be?

Have you had any really big success stories or won any major awards for any work you have done in the past?

What sort of experience and qualification requirements do you have for new employes?

If you think there is anything else important to add that i missed feel free to add anything.

Thank you again for taking the time out of you busy schedules to help a student out, it is very much appreciated.



Just to pre-warn you.. people on here don't generally answer questions, do questionnaires or any thing like that.. especially to members who have just joined and haven't become a part of this amazing designer community.

I have also moved this thread to Off Topic chat as it was posted in the wrong area.