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Student Graphic Design Competition

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Competitions:' started by DisplayWizard, Oct 2, 2015.

  1. DisplayWizard

    DisplayWizard New Member


    Our exhibition stand design/print company is running a new competition for students and have had some success contacting graphic design course tutors directly. My question is, where do tutors find live briefs & competitions normally?

    Obviously contacting tutors directly is fine, but sometimes I feel it is a bit of a hassle for them when they have such busy schedules (getting hold of one is a minor miracle!). Is there a place where tutors might look for briefs independently?


  2. @GCarlD

    @GCarlD Well-Known Member

    I would imagine their briefs are just recycled briefs from previous years, edited to be different and to fit the syllabus. Some are real life briefs, others are just made to challenge a students skills and understanding of what they have learnt.
  3. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    My tutors would either know someone personally who had a project that was suitable, or they were contacted by someone externally. Not every project is suitable for a live brief though, since it needs to have the scope required to allow students to gain the marks they need in particular modules, whilst also taking up a set amount of time on the curriculum.
  4. DisplayWizard

    DisplayWizard New Member

  5. DisplayWizard

    DisplayWizard New Member

  6. ankur saha

    ankur saha New Member

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