Student critique please


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Hi, I’ve created these mockups for a (student) project brief which requires both a 2D and 3D installation to be created for a start-up graphic design agency, reception area. The faux company is HELLO Design Agency and their objective is to portray an image of being contemporary, creative and energetic. Any feedback or critiques would be appreciated. Thank you!



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I don't think you could get a neon sign like that with all the letters indvidual. You'd have to have a backlit sign I would imagine.

Do you think a pull up banner and a partial wrap of a reception desk shows the design of this agency? Or is it the interior design of this agency that shows their contemporary side?

I don't get a feeling of energetic or creativity from this.



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Thanks very much for your feedback! Lots of great suggestions, comments and pics. I really do appreciate you taking the time to comment. Some things I hadn't considered there, but it's all a learning curve. I'll take some of it and head back to the drawing board. Thanks again!